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AXA ENGINEERING is a contractor for civil works specialized in bridge and other infrastructural constructions (tunnels, overpass structures, retaining walls). Beside mentioned we also offer construction services for residential and commercial buildings, as well as civil works for production of an electric energy from renewable sources. Our company is committed it provide an exceptional quality work maintaining positive relationships with each client.

AXA ENGINEERING has built strong reputation in delivering quality service on time, and at a competitive price. The company is developing rapidly and dynamically, becoming skilled and experienced in civil construction which established it as significant player in this industry.

Bridge Engineering

bridge engineering

Bridge engineering had always been a peak of human construction work. Engineering and conctruction of bridges I a very complex construction assignment, that should satisfy requirements of functionality, safety, endurance, economy, esthetic and environmental sustainability. Bridges differ from one to another, but the idea behind them is always the same – to bridge the gap.

Civil Engineering

civil engineering

Civil engineering plays a crucial role in creating the infrastructure, needed for modern life around the world. Our company applies knowledge and experience to create projects that meet human needs and resolve environmental problems. Our vision for the civil engineering industry and profession is to play its full role in the creation and maintenance of sustainable communities in harmony with their natural environment. Workers in AXA ENGINEERING understand that environmental sustainability is everyone‘s responsibility and we do opeifations in a way which manages and minimizes any adverse environmental impact to prevent any pollution.

AXA ENGINEERING is looking on each new contract as a partnering opportunity, a possibility to build relationships with its clients, engineers and suppliers, to maximize project efficiency and cost control. Our engineers have the appropriate license for construction design, supervision and performing works. The company has the suitable equipment, tools and machinery to perform the most standard projects independently. During build works we cooperate with reputable companies from EU in the field of engineering and bridge construction, as well as with leading universities and institutes from Serbia related with construction and civil works.

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