AXA ENGINEERING is a contractor for civil works specialized in bridge and other infrastructural constructions (tunnels, overpass structures, retaining walls). Beside mentioned we also offer construction services for residential and commercial buildings, as well as civil works for production of an electric energy from renewable sources. Our company is committed it provide an exceptional quality work maintaining positive relationships with each client.

AXA ENGINEERING has built strong reputation in delivering quality service on time, and at a competitive price. The company is developing rapidly and dynamically, becoming skilled and experienced in civil construction which established it as significant player in this industry.

Our vision is to deliver high quality construction services, in safe and proficient manner, meeting and even exceeding expectations of our clients.

Our team

AXA ENGINEERING employs some of the most talented and technically advanced team members on the market – combination of young and experienced engineers in office design, very skilled site managers, good organized project management, supervisors and operators. The team is able to complete complex projects as per valid standards. Our clients recognize the benefits of this kind of approach. We encourage an environment of collaboration, knowledge sharing, and innovation, which translate in better service for our clients. Company understands and promotes the idea of working partnership with our clients to ensure our common goals.

Health and safety

Construction is among the most dangerous occupations in the world. Proper safety equipment and safety procedures can reduce the risk of occupational injuries in the construction industry. AXA ENGINEERING operates in the hazardous construction in civil engineering industry where close attention to work practices is required to ensure the safety of all personnel associated with its activities. The health, safety and welfare of all staff, sub-contractors, clients and visitors is significantly important to AXA ENIGENEERING. Our intention is to strive for excellence in the effective health and safety management of all construction sites under our control.